• Lemongrass Olive Oil

    your summer skin salvation
    {never heat infused}

  • Lavender Olive Oil

    your skin salvation
    {never heat infused}

  • - Fresh-Picked -
    Flavored Balsamics

    balsamic and fresh fruit aged in
    oak barrels for a rich, complex flavor

    {no artificial flavors}

    Jalapeño Oi
  • Jalapeño Olive Oil

    made fresh by cold-pressing
    olives and jalapeños

    {never heat infused}

    Jalapeño Oi
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    Our Jalapeño and Basil BOTH took best of show

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  • Top Rated

    Cooks Illustrated chose Sciabica's Sevillano Fall as one of the world's best in the August 2009 issue!

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