Hillside 7 - Estate Grown - Olio Nuovo 2013

Hillside 7 - Estate Grown - Olio Nuovo 2013


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In 1925 Nicola Sciabica purchased a grape vineyard in Modesto California; 11 years later he began pressing olive oil on that property. Then in 2002, the Sciabica Family planted 7 specifically chosen varieties of olives on a 5 acre sloped hillside. The hillside allows for precise water distribution and drainage. Each tree is drip irrigated from our estate well to ensure perfect water availability for the tree while maximizing conservation. This Estate Pressing of those olives is dubbed "Hillside 7".

Our signature Hillside 7 is produced from seven carefully selected varieties grown and cold pressed within hours of picking on our family’s estate. Harvested in November from "medium" ripened olives, it has exhibits a balance between green grassiness and a smooth, slightly sweet, creamy finish. A delight to use for dipping & drizzling on salads, pasta and fresh-baked bread.

Each bottle of our Hillside 7 is delicately filled by hand and adorned with a custom embossed metal label then finished with an elegant neck tag detailing the "Hillside Story" and production month. We guarantee this bottle will delight as a gift for any olive oil lover.

The seven varieties are a very unique combination of:
Itrana, Frantoio, Grappollo, Pendalino, Leccino, Kalamata & San Felice


  1. Exquisite Review by Cheryl

    Bright fresh taste with a hint of pepper on the finish.... (Posted on 11/30/13)

  2. Wonderful taste Review by Larry

    Full, mellow flavor. (Posted on 10/7/13)

  3. Pure Heaven Review by

    Full olive flavor with a luscious finish. The best ever for bread or salads. (Posted on 11/25/10)


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