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Sevillano Fall - Olio Nuovo 2015

Sevillano Fall - Olio Nuovo 2015


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New 2015 Olio Nuovo!

Cold off the presses! Experience the difference fresh makes. Dubbed "Olio Nuovo" in Italy, the "New Oil" has a distinct fresh flavor, with deep green color, delectable grassy character and a 'pizzicante' finish!

Sevillano olive oil with a unique creaminess and an aroma reminiscent of artichokes, is ideal for dipping, drizzling and dressings because of its distinctive fruitiness. Since the time our company pioneered the pressing of this variety in the early 80’s, it has become our most popular table olive oil especially for rustic bread dipping. Best enjoyed with friends and family.


  1. Most Olivey of the Group Review by mo

    I purchased both the Sevillano and Manzanillo. Both are incredibly fresh, aromatic, earthy, and delicious oils. Because these oils are so fresh & tasty, I drizzle over my food and really look for the olivey taste. The Sevillano had a more pronounced olivey taste. I also tried the Mission Spring 2013---a very buttery yet grassy taste; absolutely delicious! I see a Hillside 7 olio nuovo now. Thinking about trying it out also. (Posted on 11/24/2013)

  2. Best I've ever tasted Review by

    I got my first bottle at the very last Tahoe farmer's market of the season, and while the price was a surprise, because it's more than I've ever paid for a bottle of olive oil, I have not regretted it a single moment since I tasted it. I am a huge olive oil snob...could not find one I really liked anywhere in Napa, but I LOVE this product, and just went and ordered several more bottles. I'm now forever spoiled! (Posted on 12/9/2012)

  3. Nice olive oil at a fair price Review by Jeff

    Tried Sciabica's products for the first time with this fall pressing. I'm impressed with the Fall 2011 Sevillano. Normally, I'll pick up an Olio Verde or a Piasano this time of year. Very happy I went with Sevillano. It's a nicer oil IMHO, and at a fair price.

    Cant wait for the fall 2011 estate to arrive. I'm feeling the need to try the spring pressing as well.

    If Sciabica can continue to produce oil of this quality, at this price point, I'll be buying for many years to come.

    (Posted on 12/2/2011)

  4. Wonderful flavor Review by Tippyobrien. Columbus,Ohio

    Just received and reordered as soon as I tried it. This is what olive oil should taste like. Treat yourself to a wonderful culinary experience (Posted on 10/25/2011)

  5. Need a larger container Review by Bob. C.

    Now I'am ordering this wonderful olive oil by the half gallon. How about GALLON CONTAINERS? (Posted on 5/17/2010)

  6. Why would anyone buy filtered after tasting this? Review by

    I've tasted a lot of olive oil in tasting bars in many wonderful oil producing countries and haven't ever had anything that touches the fruitiness and pure olive flavor of this oil. (Posted on 4/9/2010)

  7. Absolutely amazing. Review by Bob. C.

    I have tried several Sciabica's Olive oils and tomatoes,and all have been fantastic! But this is absolutely amazing it is so delicious!!!! (Posted on 2/19/2010)

  8. Yummy Review by Rebecca Haynes

    I now have my brother and sisters buying this treat... they love it .... I take a spoon full a day. I've been a customer for years and can't even think of buying anything else ... when it comes to the best ... well I have to say Sciabica has the best of olive oils. I also love the can tomatoes. (Posted on 12/8/2009)

  9. The best Olive oil I've ever had Review by L.A.

    I used to get this every year at the San Francisco farmer's market where Sciabica has a stand. Now that I moved to DC I order it online. It is truly the best oil I've ever had! Incredible. Sometimes I even eat it plain... (Posted on 10/19/2009)

  10. still my fave Review by JT

    I order by the 1/2 gal because nothing else comes even close. No bitterness! (Posted on 10/7/2009)

  11. I am quite impressed with this product. Review by Maximo

    I have tasted some of the top award winning olive oils in the world (Olio Verde, Apollo, etc.). I recently ordered the Sevillano Variety Fall 2008 Harvest - Unfiltered, and I must say that I am quite impressed with the flavor and overall quality of this product. I think I'm hooked!
    (Posted on 4/6/2009)

  12. My favorite oil. It tastes great and is good for you. Review by Chuck

    I love this oil and use it mostly raw. We use it for salad dressings, for dipping bread, (I even put it on my breakfast toast) and we put it on our vegetables after they have been cooked. (Posted on 2/15/2009)

  13. You can taste the olives Review by blackdog1

    It's not just oil. You can taste the flavor of the olives. My wife likes a flavoring (spices) in the oil that we dip, with this she loves the natural flavor as it is. (Posted on 1/4/2009)

  14. excellent oil Review by judy

    we love the oils!!!!!! (Posted on 11/14/2008)

  15. My boss bought me a case Review by Sheryl

    10 years ago, my boss sampled some at a San Francisco market and was so impressed he brought a case of different Sciabica's olive oils back on the plane to me becuase he knew I'd love them. I have never bought another brand of olive oil since. When I talk to Mr. Sciabica and other employees on the phone, I feel like they are family friends. (Posted on 11/6/2008)

  16. Picked at a tasting at a farmer's market in Minneapolis Review by Meller

    I love Italy and Italian oil but tasted this and it won out over the other oils on sale at the market. Fresh and lightly peppery bright flavour. Ordering more now! (Posted on 10/21/2008)

  17. We love it! Review by Karen

    I've never tasted a better olive oil. My husband and I love using it as a dip for sour dough bread---sometimes we never make it to the main course! (Posted on 9/4/2008)

  18. Great flavor Review by PapaWill

    This olive oil has great flavor. It made me a believer in unfiltered oil. This is my choice for salad dressings! (Posted on 8/8/2008)


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