Buttery & Sweet {Mission + Arbequina}


100% Extra Virgin California Grown First Cold Pressed Sweet & Buttery

Size:250ml Bottle

A buttery-sweet delight!

This Olive Oil has a delicate underlying touch of sweetness and subtle notes of olive blossoms; it’s like tasting sunshine in a bottle. Superb as a heart-healthy butter replacement – try using it with a touch of sea salt for buttery-flavored popcorn – without the butter! 

What makes it so special? Sciabica’s olives are carefully harvested at different points of ripeness for superb "dialed-in" flavors. The riper the fruit, the sweeter the oil.  Fully ripe 'late harvest' olives result in delicate, sweet flavors without the bitterness or pungency of the ‘early’ harvest olives.

What varieties are used? Well, typically this product is 100% Mission Variety, but in short crop years (like this one) we will also use sweet Arbequina Olives.  This year, our Buttery & Sweet is a combination of Mission and Arbequina. Rest assured, it's just as buttery, sweet, and delicious as always.

Why are the Sciabica's the only one with such sweet EVOO? Mission variety olives are the only variety native to California, and only Mission olives have fully adapted to the California climate (many trees are well over 100 years old) allowing the olives to remain on the tree for several months after most producers have completed their harvest – becoming ever riper and sweeter.  Very few olive oil millers harvest Mission olives – it's a time-consuming and expensive process – however, the Sciabica Family has quite literally built the company around these native California beauties.

Better than Butter Challenge

Want to take the "Better than Butter Challenge"? Simply order a 250ml or 500ml bottle and try it on popcorn with sea salt or pasta with grated cheese. If you don't agree it's better than butter, simply reply to your order confirmation, and we'll refund your money (including shipping) - but you'll get to keep the extra 5 minutes longer you'll live.

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