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1st payment $24.50 then $35 quarterly Cancel Anytime Early Releases Exclusive Products no-loyalty Quarterly Shipments (4 per year) Ships Free!

At long last, in response to possibly the most common request from our loyal family of customers, we are launching our new Gourmet Club Subscription!

If you’re a gourmet olive oil and vinegar fan who enjoys discovering delicious new products (ahead of everyone else), our new Gourmet Club is designed just for you! What makes it special? Only members will have early access to some of our limited-edition products.

How it works: As a Sciabica Family Gourmet Club member, each quarter you’ll receive a two-pack, one 250ml olive oil, the other could be vinegar, olive oil, or another gourmet food product (like almonds). But we did not want to simply ship products that you could hop on our site and order yourself. Instead, we wanted the opportunity to introduce something new and educate our wonderful family of customers on unique and exclusive products.  One of the products will always be an exclusive or early-access product. For instance, our Q3 2022 box included the exclusive Fiesta Blend EVOO, and our Q1 2023 box included early-access Roasted Garlic EVOO, about a month before it's available to the public.

Shipping: There will be 4 boxes per year, once per quarter.  1st box: Jan-Mar, 2nd box: Apr-Jun, 3rd box: Jul-Sep, 4th box: Oct-Dec. The box may be shipped at any time during each 3-month period.

Cost: Each quarter your credit card will be charged $35 (including shipping). Your order will ship as soon as that quarter's box is available.

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