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Exclusive Benefits

Our loyal customers want more than what can be purchased on the website or in our gift shop. The new Club Sciabica box is about the experience of being a club member, designed to complement the products you already have in the kitchen!

  • Collectible Recipe Cards: Each box will include an exclusive, collectible recipe card. The first box will come with a recipe card box, which will be available for Club Members only purchase later.
  • Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Update: Expect a current update from the Sciabica Family about the company, the crop, and the family that can't be found on our website or social media.
  • Unique Items: Expect special items (ie olive wood salad servers or branded aprons).
  • One "Family Batch" Bottle: Each season, the Sciabica Family begins using the freshest olive oil the day it first comes out of the press. We're now going to share that first-batch olive oil with our club members!
    • Fall Harvest Box: The late-September shipment will feature an exclusive "Family Batch" of fresh Sevillano Olio Nuovo, weeks before any fresh olive oil is released to the public.
    • Spring Harvest Box: The February shipment will include an exclusive "Family Batch" of Sweet Mission Olio Nuovo, also available weeks before the public release.

We hope these enhancements will provide an even more delightful and exclusive experience for our Sciabica Club members.

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