Sciabica X MoPink

Helping Our Communities!

Sciabica’s is proud to support MoPink and Visit Modesto in celebrating women’s health and supporting women’s wellness issues in October. Many local restaurants, theatres, fitness experts and retailers are participating through unique events and special offers, including Sciabica's.

20% of proceeds from the sale of all our Skincare products during October will go to benefit MoPink!

Lavender Olive Oil
  • From $12.00
Lavender Skin Salvation Pack
  • $22.00
Lemongrass Olive Oil
  • $12.00
Lavender Olive Oil Soap
  • $8.00
Lemongrass Olive Oil Soap
  • $8.00
Lavender & Lemongrass Pack
  • $40.00

Out of Stock

Cappuccino Olive Oil Soap
  • $9.00
Herbal Olive Oil Lip Balm
  • $3.00
Peppy Mint Olive Oil Lip Balm
  • $3.00