Family History

Sciabica Family History

The Sciabica family's journey into the world of olive oil began in the sunny town of Marsala in Sicily, Italy a land famous for its olives and golden liquid. It was here, in the late 1800's, that Nicola (Nick) Sciabica learned the ancient art of olive oil production.

Fast forward to the United States, where soon after immigrating, Nick heart longed for the Mediterranean warmth. After some soul-searching and a bit of globe-trotting, he stumbled upon Modesto, California. His heart whispered, "This is like home." In 1925, with his wife and their two sons, he bought a cozy ranch in Modesto.

In 1936, armed with the olive oil wisdom from Sicily, the Sciabica Family ventured into cold-pressing California olives and introduced the Marsala® Brand Olive Oil, named after Nick's hometown. It's now the undisputed oldest continuously produced Olive Oil in the United States. To this day, the Sciabica Family calls that same land in Modesto home, nurturing olives and crafting their liquid gold.

In the late '80s, they blazed a trail by pioneering "single varietal" olive oils, treating each olive type like fine wine, savoring olive oils from Buttery-Sweet to Peppery & Robust, depending on the olive and season.

Then, in the '90s, they shook things up with 'Fresh Flavored' olive oil. Now known as "Agrumato-Method", the family crafted favored olive oil uniquely by pressing fresh fruit, herbs, or peppers (think Lemons, Basil, or Jalapeños) alongside the olives. No artificial tricks or heat infusion – just fresh flavors and a healthy kick. 

Through generations of love and labor, the Sciabica Family's olive oil has become a true masterpiece in quality and flavor. Second generation Joseph Sciabica, who led the family business for 74 years, always said, "You can't beat experience."

Today, Nicola's grandsons Nick and Daniel, and great-grandson Jonathan, carry on the Sciabica legacy of California olive oil, just as Nicola did seven decades ago. They're dedicated to bringing you unique and exciting products that match the quality and consistency you've come to love.

When you buy Sciabica's, you're getting the same premium quality we use in our own kitchen. It's like sending a piece of our family to yours.

To our cherished family of customers – Thank you, and here's to a Heart-Healthy life!