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Title:Dolci and Biscotti
After crafting amazing olive oil recipes for decades for our family, Gemma Sciabica wanted to share her recipes with our greater family of customers. She's now sharing 5 cookbooks dedicated heart-healthy olive oil. From pasta to pie crust, it can all be done with olive oil!

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Raelene Van Horn
Biscotti Beat

I’ve owned this cookbook for the past 5-8 years. When I first purchased it @ the local Farmer’s Market from Mr. Sciabica, he raved about how the recipes utilized their healthy olive oil instead of butter. The recipe I most remember enjoying in those early days was Apricot Jam Biscotti. Although, there are nearly 50 biscotti recipes, all good, and many more popular Italian deserts. I highly recommend this cookbook for a healthy start to any year!

Cal Orey
Gemma, a Julia Child-Type Wonder

I love this cookbook as well as all of Gemma's books. Her recipes are heart-healthy,creative, easy to follow, and inspiring. And the personal tidbits are touching.
--Author Cal Orey, author of the HEALING POWERS series (Gemma's recipes are included in my books on olive oil, chocolate and the forthcoming one--honey!)

Gemma's newest cookbook is fantastic!!!

Following in the footsteps of her other wonderful cookbooks, Gemma Sciabica has done it again!! There is something for everyone in "From the Heart for the Heart", from desserts to main dishes there is plenty of tasty variety in this cookbook. There are also family photographs, helpful hints and many other personal touches. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to cook.

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