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Title:Dolci and Biscotti
After crafting amazing olive oil recipes for decades for our family, Gemma Sciabica wanted to share her recipes with our greater family of customers. She's now sharing 5 cookbooks dedicated heart-healthy olive oil. From pasta to pie crust, it can all be done with olive oil!

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Baking with olive oil

I haven't had a chance to try any recipes yet, but they look amazing. I love to cook and will definitely be trying a lot of these recipes. Recipes are well written. And all the added ingredient suggestions are also interesting. so may ways to try these recipes. I know I will enjoy these books for a long time to come.

Raelene Van Horn
Biscotti Beat

I’ve owned this cookbook for the past 5-8 years. When I first purchased it @ the local Farmer’s Market from Mr. Sciabica, he raved about how the recipes utilized their healthy olive oil instead of butter. The recipe I most remember enjoying in those early days was Apricot Jam Biscotti. Although, there are nearly 50 biscotti recipes, all good, and many more popular Italian deserts. I highly recommend this cookbook for a healthy start to any year!

Cal Orey
Gemma, a Julia Child-Type Wonder

I love this cookbook as well as all of Gemma's books. Her recipes are heart-healthy,creative, easy to follow, and inspiring. And the personal tidbits are touching.
--Author Cal Orey, author of the HEALING POWERS series (Gemma's recipes are included in my books on olive oil, chocolate and the forthcoming one--honey!)

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