Mission Trail California EVOO


100% Extra Virgin California Grown Cold-Pressed

Size:2-Pack 500ml


Is your olive oil the real deal?  Do you know where the olives are grown? Recent studies show that many olive oils are mislabeled or use labeling gimmicks to mislead customers about the quality or origin of the olive oil.  Since 1936,  we're proud to say our olive oils have always been 100% Extra Virgin, cold pressed only from California-grown olives. That makes the Sciabica (Sha-bee-ka) Family by far the oldest producer in the US! Today we carry on our family tradition of making award winning, small-batch 100% Authentic California Olive Oil.

California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% from olives grown in Northern California. Cold pressed by the Sciabica Family – by far the oldest producers of olive oil in California. The Mission Trail brand has been used by the Sciabica Family for decades for "back kitchen" use in high-end restaurants. The Sciabica's are now bringing the high quality that culinary professionals demand to the home chef in a 500ml bottle at an affordable price!

Customer Reviews

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Brendan Delumpa
Amazing Olive Oil!

I didn't realize that I had exhausted my 1.5 liter box of the Arbosana olive oil. The box sits on a shelf in my pantry and I just push the valve and take what I need. Well, the other day, I did that and all I got was a trickle. Yikes! So I hopped in my car and went down to my local grocery store. My store actually has a pretty good selection, but I wanted California EVOO because I knew it would be good quality. As I scanned the shelves, the "Mission Trail" label caught my eye and I immediately thought "Sciabica." The reason for this is because the Sciabica family presses the olive oil for the Dominican Sisters in Mission San Jose, CA. I smiled broadly when I saw the "By the Sciabica Family" subtitle. So, of course, I bought it.

This is a wonderful olive oil. It's fresh and fruity up-front and has a distinctive, peppery, astringent bite on the finish - as great olive oil should have. It's great for salads and cooking, of course, but I also just used it as the oil for a batch of ciabatta I just made. Using a great olive oil such as this makes all the difference in the world!

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