"Affinato" Balsamico Tradizionale


This balsamic vinegar is famous and highly-prized the world over. It obtained D.O.C. status in 1986 (Law of 4/3/1986). (Registerd Designation of Origin) It was granted D.O.P. status (Protected Designation of Origin) by the European Community on 4/17/2000

Use: A highly versatile product, preferably used uncooked. It is at its best with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and strawberries. Delicious as a salad dressing with Sciabica's Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Wonderful on roasted and grilled meat. It enhances the aroma and flavor of any dish. A fine alternative to liqueur.

Characteristics: Bright, full dark brown color. Free-flowing yet dense. Typical, smooth, penetrating lingering aromatic bouquet with noticeable attractive acidic undertones. An unmistakable well-balanced sweet-and-sour flavor with definite notes of vinegar, lively, sincere, complete, velvety, intense and lingering, meeting typical characteristics.

Raw Materials: Musts of traditional Modena grape varieties, mainly Trebbiano, different varieties of Lambrusco, Spergola and Berzemino, with no additives.

Production: Cooking in open vats, natural fermentation and aecitification of the cooked must, subsequent transfers between barrels and slow aging under the producer's watchful eye.

The Production Regulations require all producers to use the distinctive round bottle with rectangular solid glass base. The bottle carries a numbered seal.

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