Extreme Habanero [Limited Release]


100% Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Habanero Extremely HOT Limited Release Not Infused!

Size:250ml Bottle

Our master miller got a little carried away this time! Selecting only the freshest Mexico-grown Habaneros, tripling the standard amount and cold pressing them with just-harvested California olives takes flavor & heat to the absolute extreme.

Extreme hot pepper fans only, please. This olive oil demands to be taken seriously. If you're familiar with our Habanero Olive Oil, then you know that we deliver full Habanero flavor. We've now turned up the dial to the extreme with our Extreme Habanero Olive Oil. Awesome for steak & chicken marinades, salsas, guacamole and anything that could use an extreme kick in the flavor.

Customer Reviews

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Love of my life!

This company is the absolute best! I have made a life long relationship with all of your olive oils... bought my first bottles at a farmers market years ago, and have been buying ever since. I have also turned a lot of my community on to buying your olive oils... found myself in a conversation with strangers seeking a good olive oil... I gave them your name and website... they thought I was part of the family and just trying to upsell the product, lol! Keep up the good work! This habanero oil finds itself in many of my recipes... and, so do the others... just have to keep my mom from using them up so quickly... not that it would hurt your feelings having to restock all the time, lol!

Brendan Delumpa
It's hot... Very hot... And I love it!

Drink a few drops of this stuff on its own and you'll feel the heat. At first, you won't think it's all that bad; just a little warmth. But the oil coats your mouth and after several seconds that contact results in a small but pleasant fire burning on your tongue and palate. It's that constant contact that makes this stuff so hot!

That said, sprinkle this on some food as a condiment, or use a bit of it with some regular olive oil when cooking and it'll add a nice little kick plus some sweet habanero chili flavor. Used these ways, the oil won't coat your mouth as much as if you tasted it directly. You'll still feel a little heat, but it'll be a component of the flavor profile as opposed to being front and center.

As far as the oil itself is concerned, that orange color is not coloring. That comes from fine bits of habanero floating in suspension in the oil. To my wife, that color spells, "Danger, Will Robinson!" :) No doubt, its fragrance is powerful. And as a suspension, the habanero chili flavor is the star. Take away the heat, and you're left with that base chili flavor and aroma. To me at least, it's amazing!

If you're a fan of Habanero or Scotch Bonnet chili peppers, this oil is for you!


So my lifelong best friend turned me on to this. Drizzled on pizza drinking beer. Unbelievably fantastic!

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