Fruity & Smooth {Sevillano + Arbequina}


100% Extra Virgin California Grown First Cold Pressed Fruity & Smooth ~215ppm Phenols

Size:250ml Bottle

Our most popular, award-winning olive oil! Smooth and full flavored, with hints of artichokes and fresh herbs.  The golden hue of a summer sunset, this appetizing olive oil is wonderfully versatile – perfect for bread dipping, salad dressings, and main courses.

Awards: Highest-rated olive oil at World Olive Oil Day Competition in Lucca, Italy, even when compared to the best Italian olive oils!


Sevillano is now Sevillano + Arbequina

Sevillano variety olive oil is deliciously unique. However, the trees were not planted in California for oil, but rather for canning. The very large size makes them desirable for stuffing with almonds or protruding from a martini. Conversely, the large size also means they contain very little olive oil, having a high percentage of olive meat and water.

For decades we have been able to sort out the very largest Sevillano fruit and send it to a local canner. Unfortunately, due to a shrinking supply of Sevillano olives, this is no longer viable. Instead, for the past two years, we have pressed ALL of the olives, including the extremely large "Queen Olives". This has resulted in a similar extreme increase in cost. Please know that we are working very hard to minimize cost increases for our wonderful customers – luckily Arbequina Olives are readily available, less expensive, and very high quality! The best part about Arbeuina Olive Oil is that it is the perfect blending olive oil, taking on the flavor of the olive oils it's blended with!

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Deb Boles
California Dreaming

I am so happy that I can order "quality" and good tasting olive oil from my 2nd home - California. I couldn't believe how fast I received my order ( ordered from Ohio on Thursday and received product on Saturday). You guys are "the best"!!!!! HUGE Thank you!!!! Deb in Ohio

karen paff
Old Customer

Always have at least two different Sciabica olive oils. Always Mission---and then a second or even third. Love slowly cooking garlic in the oil and then adding intense cherry tomatoes. With
goat cheese- Everyone loves it ---ant time of day--with pasta or just toast.

Joan Kowalsky
Sevilliano + Arbequina

I was pleasantly surprised with this blend. Normally I’m a purist snob I.e., preferring single source olive oil, this blend makes for a satisfying dipping oil. Yum!

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