Grapefruit [Limited Release]


California Grown Cold-Pressed Grapefruit Limited Release Not Infused!

Size:250ml Bottle

New 2023 Limited Release!

available through Summer ~ or while supplies last

Plump juicy grapefruits are picked at the height of ripeness and cold-pressed with just-harvested California olives to craft a distinctive Grapefruit Olive Oil. This year's batch is super-creamy with a vibrant sparkle of grapefruit zing! Use this delicious fusion of tangy citrus and rich olive flavors to enhance salad dressings or wow your friends by drizzling over vanilla ice cream and adding a touch of sea salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hollis Ramsey
Right up there with the Lemon EVOO!

I rarely place an order that doesn’t include the Lemon EVOO, and I’ve gotten so addicted to this delicate, seductive Grapefruit EVOO that I will order it as long as it’s available. Over salads and with mixed vegetables, the flavor doesn’t hit you like the Jalapeño EVOO (another of my favorites) does. I don’t usually like salads that are lettuce forward, but with the Grapefruit EVOO drizzled over leafy greens, it’s like having a dessert AND a salad, all in one. Speaking of dessert, try it over vanilla ice cream, what a treat! I will never not order this, and I’m giving bottles to friends so they can share in the enchantment!

Truly Sunshine in a Bottle!!!!!!!!!!!

It is hard to have a favorite, but "feet to the fire", Grapefruit might be in the top two! Not overpoweringly citrusy and not overwhelmingly sweet. The perfect balance for a beautiful, fresh dressing for salad greens or a fruit salad! It is a must-try. My only complaint is that it is not available year round!

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