Lemon Olive Oil


100% Extra Virgin California Grown Cold-Pressed Lemon Not Infused!

Size:250ml Bottle

Only the ripest and most flavorful lemons are chosen for this Lemon Extra Virgin olive oil. We’ve perfectly fused the sweet-tart taste of fresh lemons with sun-ripened olives to craft a palate-pleasing olive oil that livens up the taste of any fish, chicken or vegetable dish.

Favorite Uses: Sauté asparagus, lightly drizzled over broccoli, sear fish or chicken

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Carol Tesson
Lemon olive oil basted salmon

I sprinkle it liberally on a salmon filet just as it goes into a 325 degree oven. Superb flavor. I also use it on salads and veggies.

Vivien Vaughan
A Kitchen Staple In Our House

Several years ago on a trip to Northern California, I bought a bottle of this wonderful Lemon Olive Oil. Now I buy it in the largest size and use it on salads, pasta, vegetables, and fish. We also love the Lime Olive Oil when we can get it.

Joyce Murry
The best olive oil ever!

This was given to me as a gift from a Modesto resident as one of her favorite things. She was right! I use it almost daily on any fish, vegetable or salad that I might be making. It is wonderful, blended perfectly.. Thanks so much!

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