Marsala California EVOO


100% Extra Virgin California Grown First Cold Pressed Fruity & Smooth


A Family Tradition

Marsala is the Sciabica Family's original label dating back to 1936, and is named after the town in Sicily in which founder Nick Sciabica learned the ancient art of olive oil production. A special premium varietal combination prepared by Nick Sciabica & Sons, this oil has a flavorful balanced fruitiness that comes from being a first cold pressed blend of California-grown varieties. 

Marsala Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings home the great value and high quality that professional chefs demand, making it perfect for families using larger quantities of olive oil. Premium California-grown varietals are blended to perfection to create an all-purpose olive oil with the best value on the market.

If you’ve been buying large bottles of low-quality olive oil at the “superstore”, you're in for a treat that will make your recipes taste so much better. Whether frying, grilling, drizzling or baking, our superb Marsala is the "chef's best friend" when it comes to olive oils. Marsala is designed to be a general-purpose olive oil, excellent for all food preparation.

  What makes Marsala such a great value?

Unlike Sciabica’s single varietal olive oils, Marsala is a carefully selected blend of our premium Sciabica’s Varietal Olive Oils. At the end of our production season, we set aside all the olive oil we will need for each of our single varietal products, then create a delicious 100% California Extra Virgin varietal blend for Marsala. This means that the blend of varietals can change from year to year, especially during heavy or short crop cycles. This flexibility allows us to offer Marsala at a more affordable price point without sacrificing quality or taste!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Chris Natali
Long lost oil

My Step Father Benny Natali and his partner Louie Canivari used this olive oil in they’re catering business back in the 70s and 80s … I finally found it after all these yrs … Best OO ever

Worry NOT

I was worried about where and how I would maneuver a box, where to put, how to pour, etc. NO problem! Just pick up and hold over pot or measure cup! The spigot is so easy to use! Much more stable than a bottle. Will buy again.

Sara Molyneux
Quality and Flavor

After searching for a reputable EVOO producer, we tried Sciabica. After more than two years, we have not looked further. The Marsala box is a tremendous value and offers wonderful flavor. It makes all the difference in hummus, ladera recipes (fasolakia!), and dressings. We also appreciate the care Sciabica takes with the shipping and packaging - more evidence of the careful attention they give to their product.

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