Sticky Balsamic Vinegar

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250ml Made in Modena New Sweet & Tangy Thick Reduction

Size:250ml Bottle

Indulge your taste buds with this perfect balance of sweet and tangy, accented by delicate hints of caramel, honey, fig, and ripe raspberries. The creamy-thick consistency of this versatile ‘sticky’ balsamic vinegar makes it a joy to use for decoratively drizzling over seared veggies, cheese, fruit, salad, and even desserts. Add superbly rich taste while dressing up your grilled meats and poultry. It’s the simplest way to decorate like a pro and enhance flavor... the delicious possibilities are endless!

INGREDIENTS: Concentrated Grape Must, Reduced (cooked) Grape Must, Wine Vinegar.
Contains Sulfites Occurring from Grape Must (not added).

NUTRITIONAL: (1 Tablespoon - 17ml): Calories 35 | Total Fat: 0g | Trans Fat: 0g | Sodium: 0mg | Total Carbohydrate: 8g | Sugars 8g | Protein 0g

Customer Reviews

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Um.. can't live without this...

Just like how I feel about Sciabica's Buttery-Sweet olive oil... I feel the same way about this Sticky Balsamic. These two are my constant companions in the kitchen. Their flavors are just so incredible and so wonderful on many different foods... I especially like them on fresh mozzarella salad and also on sandwiches and pasta salads. Thank you Sciabica family.

Sondra Palocsay
Love it!

Sooo good that more and more, it’s replacing other dressings. I find myself looking for ways to use Scibiica’s Sticky Basalmic and finding them!


Love it!

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