Marsala 1 Gallon Jug


100% Extra Virgin California Grown First Cold Pressed Fruity & Smooth

Marsala Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings home the affordability and high quality that professional kitchen chefs demand. Perfect for families that use large quantities of olive oil; California grown varietals are blended to perfection to create an all-purpose olive oil with the best "bang for your buck" on the market. If you've been buying large bottles of low-quality olive oil at the "super store", Marsala is by far the most affordable way to enjoy the Sciabica Family's California Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead.

This is our original label dating back to 1936, and is named after the town in Sicily in which Nick Sciabica learned the ancient art of olive oil production. A special varietal combination prepared by Nick Sciabica & Sons, this oil has a balanced fruitiness as it is a combination of California grown varieties. Marsala is designed to be a general-purpose Olive Oil and is excellent for all applications.


Unlike Sciabica's Olive Oils, Marsala is not a single varietal. In fact, it is a combination of our Sciabica's Varietal Olive Oils. At the end of our production season, we decide how much olive oil we will need for our Sciabica's line, then create a varietal combination for Marsala. This means that the combination of olive oils can change from year to year, especially during heavy or short crop cycles. This flexibility allows us to offer Marsala at a more affordable price point, even though it's the same quality as all of our 100% California Extra Virgin Olive Oils!

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